9-6-2008: “Inside the Kings” comments section

Sydor25 said: Running an NHL franchise in a major market at $40 million? Disgraceful. Does anybody believe that Lubomir wasn’t a salary dump? […]

anthony said: He wants to save more room under the cap, in order to blow it (or waste it) on players like Handzus, Blake, McCauley, Cloutier, Nagy etc, etc. etc.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Quisp said: Yes. I believe it was not a salary dump.

Irish Pat said: […] Take the longview people. Lombardi is stacking this team with youth so Kings fans will enjoy success for the long term.

Quisp said: As far as the “cash” budget thing goes, of course it may well be that AEG has DL on a short leash and that if he had a more wiggle room he could improve the team short-term. It’s possible. It wouldn’t be the first time that a business owner did such a thing to management. I imagine you would have to be at DL’s dinner table to get the truth on that one.

But it sounds to me like people think “if only we could spend more all our problems would be solved,” when it’s just not the case.

The Kings are rebuilding. They are not building through free agency. They are growing their own.

Everybody knows that the A level free agents have no reason to sign here. If he could, would you have liked DL to sign Hossa? Again, what happens when the kids’ contracts come up? Game over. And if you aren’t going to go after the A list UFAs, all you’ve got is the Handzuses of the world (and I like Handzus), and we’ve seen how that works out most of the time. So the Kings are going with the kids. If you’re doing that, why would you have a cash budget of $50 million?

If you think the rebuild is a good idea, then the cash budget shouldn’t bother you. It’s common sense.

If you don’t like the rebuild, and you think the Kings were doing all right before DL came in, and just needed a couple more pieces to be cup contenders, then the low cash budget is not your friend either, but it’s the same criticism twice.

Jet said: yes, it is to the players benefit, good point, but it is also to the Kings benefit as they will be able to over value against the cap in future years. Also, some players will even take less overall money if their contract is front loaded. Look, it is going to be a tough yet necessary year to have the boys gain experience.


Pat McGroyn said: Quisp, I believe the proper plural expression of Handzus is Handzui. Just looking out for you…

Mike said: Plain and simple, DL is microanalyzing the way the money is being spent now because of the amount of homegrown talent he wants to keep. $40M isn’t a bad investment when you consider that it’ll be more easily tradeable (if he wishes to go that route) in the future, it’ll free up space the next few years for the extensions of Frolov, Johnson, Kopitar, etc… and it creates a balance so that we’re not in panic mode in the offseason like Anaheim will be when they finally make their salary cut and like Detroit will, as well. I’m sure both teams wish they had a way to keep everyone currently under contract.

Paul said: Of course the Kings are on a shoestring budget. They have to pay the moving vans for that trip to KC.

28 KINGS said: It’s pretty obvious that DL has no intention of fielding anything but a bottom 5 team and has no reason to spend anymore than to the bottom of cap. This will be a learning year and might also be the most painful to watch.

Anonymous said: The problem with such a low cash budget is that Lombardi’s hands are tied. He has to try and sign Kopitar, Johnson, Frolov, O’Sullivan in the next couple of years and he only has about $8 million to do it. Hopefully, AEG has already told Lombardi that next season’s cash budget is $50 million so that Kopitar and Johnson can be extended long term. I just don’t believe that AEG will increase the budget when the Kings finish out of the playoffs again next season and “lose” millions of dollars. I sure hope that I’m wrong, because if AEG gives Lombardi the budget to keep these players together for a few more seasons, we may finally have a legitimate shot at the Cup.

cristobal said: Its pathetic that there is a “cap” for the GM. It is pathetic that Lombardi wastes money like its going out of style on “free-agents” like the ones we repeat over and over, but he sours on Cammalleri, takes him to arbitration, and trades him because they won’t afford him. Its also pathetic that a multi billionaire, the 89th richest man in the world, who just paid D. Beckham 250 million to play 5 years for the Galaxy, whine’s like a b1tch about profits, and that he wouldn’t pony up the money for Boucher back in the day, and that he fired Taylor for missing the playoffs 3 years in a row. Well, what have the last 2 years been like? What will this year be like? Lombardo must have one hell of a long tongue. I think i’m done with this entire fiasco. They make me sick.

[…] Do you know why they will tank this entire season???? Because of Tavares. He will give them the star power they need to sell tickets and market the team. I can see it now. Those horrid as hell 3rd jersey’s with “Tavares” on the back.

And if quisp brings up one more unheard-of prospect, my head is going to explode. You know, you can’t play with nobody on the ice. I’m sure AEG would like to, but you can’t. Just because Zeiler has 59 NHL games and a whopping 4 points, doesn’t mean he’s an NHLer.

Quisp said:

“And if quisp brings up one more unheard-of prospect, my head is going to explode.” — Cristobal

Jonathan Bernier, Drew Doughty, Thomas Hickey, Ted Purcell, Trevor Lewis, Oscar Moller, Brian Boyle, Wayne Simmonds, Andrei Loktionov, Peter Harrold, Matt Moulson, Jeff Zatkoff, Jonathan Quick, David Meckler, Scott Parse, Bud Holloway, Marc-Andre Cliche, Alec Martinez, Colten Teubert, Vyacheslav Voinov, Geordie Wudrick, Joe Piskula, Daniel Taylor, Niclas Andersen, Justin Azevedo, Drew Bagnall, Constantin Braun, Bryan Cameron, Andrew Campbell, Richard Clune, Robert Czarnik, Vladimir Dravecky, Davis Drewiske, Matt Fillier, Gabe Gauthier, Josh Kidd, Dwight King, Josh Meyers, Brady Murray, Martin Nolet, Garrett Roe, Linden Rowat, Joshua Turnbull, Kevin Westgarth, John Zeiler.


– Quisp

cristobal said: Classic Quisp. That was a good one. […] cheers quisp. i see your keeping the faith. I’m still having fun too.

Quisp said: Pat McGroyn — Plural of Handzus. Handzai? Or, ought we consider the unthinkable: Handzus is already plural.

It’s like that joke: “Where are the baby pigeons?” “Those ARE the baby pigeons!”

Anonymous said: This site is deteriorating. Same folks still crying about the same crap they were crying about 6 weeks ago. Those Canadian teams could always use more fans.

cristobal said: You know, i’ve never seen such a happy group of lemmings when their team is on the verge of the 3rd humiliating season in a row. Much like blind faith, the overlords promising future salvation have the full support of the citizenry. Much like Wimpy from “Popeye”, I’d gladly pay Tuesday for a hamburger today…

How’s it gonna feel getting suckered by the billionaire again?



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