Quisp vs. Troll

I’m digging into the archives in search of time-capsule material from the Dawn of Lombardi or whatever we’re calling it. Here’s the first one I came upon.

It’s from the old “Inside the Kings” site, comments section, December 3, 2008. The post was titled “World Juniors Roster,” and announced that Thomas Hickey and Colten Teubert had been named to Team Canada. To set the scene: the Kings sucked the previous two years, fired Crawford, drafted Doughty, hired Murray, and now we’re a couple of months in. Jack Johnson is injured. Oscar Moller and Wayne Simmonds made the team. Kyle Quincey was picked up on waivers.

EAT THE RICH said: nykingfan, quisp – though you guys continue to toe the company line and espouse crackpot theories (quisp admittedly) about what management and coaching is doing, the team continues to flounder near the bottom of the league. When will you admit Murray, Lombardi, and you that are their mouthpieces may be wrong? […]

Quisp said: Cristobal — I haven’t been wrong yet.

EAT THE RICH said: […] Quisp – Though you were addressing someone else, you’ve got blinders on if you contend that you haven’t been wrong. You said Zeiler was done playing in LA. That’s one error right there. Besides, nobody gets everything right. Cristobal didn’t.

Quisp said: I said Zeiler was done playing in LA? Probably that was wishful thinking. Was that in the context of Ellis being a better Zeiler? I think it must have been. I still wish we hadn’t lost Ellis.

Anyway, when I say I haven’t been wrong yet, it’s in the context of your comment, uh, obviously. I have many times couched my comments by saying I’m wrong all the time, so when I say “I haven’t been wrong yet” it’s pretty clear I’m talking about the specific thing you’re criticizing me personally for. Your comment, which insultingly calls me a “mouthpiece” — instead of, for example, a thinking person — was that the Kings are “floundering” and when will DL et al — and I, their mouthpiece — admit that “we” might be wrong.

Wrong about what? DL says we’re rebuilding. So he can’t be wrong about that. We are rebuilding

I like the direction of the team. So I can’t be wrong about that, really. I do like it.

As far as floundering, well…if you say so. Four point down is the basement. Four point up is the playoffs. Call it whatever you want.

It’s easy to be wrong about predictions, and I am always the first to say that I am optimistic to a fault. But it’s a fact that (1) I did not prophesy gloom and doom for this season, (2) I predicted that the Kings defense would be much improved this season, because of the subtraction of Blake (and boy did people freak out about that; “how could getting rid of Blake make us better?”/”we’ll be lucky to get a point in October or January!”/”fifty points for the year if we’re lucky!”) and the promise of a defensive system by Murray, (3) I projected the Kings to finish somewhere in the 80s in points, which is exactly where they are headed, (4) when I pointed out that Moller is the key to the Nordstrom trade, I was mocked, (5) when I said Quincey was great and this was a great move by DL, I got raked over the coals (“we lose JMFJ and get Quincey to replace him!! DL sucks! The season is over!”), (6) when I said Handzus had a great shot at returning to form and being the number two center, people said WTF (I was wrong about that; he’s been our best center). Should I go on?

But, hey, even if they crap out, I didn’t promise you anything. It’s just a prediction.

EAT THE RICH said: LOL @ Quisp – nothing wrong? Where’s Moulson, Purcell, and Voinov? I thought they were gonna step right in…

Quincey better than Bouwmeester, Blake and Lubo? Priceless…

Murray knows this team more than the fans? He didn’t even know O’Sullivan until mid Oct.

Our team is better? 1 point above the mess in Dallas with most of our victories against bottom feeders and injury-depleted teams. The standings don’t lie, Quisp.

Patience? Do you know what FAN means?

Who said DL sucks for acquiring Quincey?

Handzus the best center? minus – 2 and streaky, none of the grit being demanded of Boyle, he’s the highest paid player currently skating for the team.

80 points is a prediction but until they reach 25 points you can’t say they’ll be anywhere but at 23 points.

No doom and gloom? Maybe not for you, but take a look at Brownitar’s face lately.

Quisp said: I am going to respond to your comment as though you are rational and not an unhinged troll with an axe to grind.

Moulson and Purcell were outplayed by Moller and Simmonds, both of whom arrived far sooner than anyone expected. Purcell, who led Manchester in points last season, is doing it again this season. Moulson was doing a point a game until his injury. I hope they’ll both be back to stay.

Voynov is in Manchester, statistically the best defenseman on the team.

What’s your point? I didn’t say Purcell or Moulson were better or worse than anybody, except maybe Tukonen. They are both (especially Purcell) blue-chip prospects who have to earn their place on the team. The conventional wisdom going into this year’s camp was that roster spots were theirs to lose. Show me where I said otherwise. (I do hope they both will be fixtures a couple of years down the road, but who knows?)

I don’t recall saying Voynov was going to make the team this year. He had a great camp though. Again, your point is what? You think he’s not panning out? He’s outperforming everyone’s expectations.

You say, derisively, “I thought they were going to step right in.” That doesn’t sound like me. But show me the quote. All prospects have to go through the growing pains, learn the system etc.. Moulson and Purcell, especially, were thought to be ready for the big club. If that’s what you mean by step right in, okay. POS was ready to join the big club two years ago, but he still had to go back to Manchester for some work. That’s the way it works.

“Quincey better than Bouwmeester, Blake, Lubo, priceless!” I think, though I can’t say for sure without scouring the archives for seeming contradictions, what I said was that Quincey was defensively preferable to those players. Whether I said that or not, I think it now. Bouwmeester I would have to think about. I remember we were comparing numbers of Bouwmeester’s first season and saying something to the effect of who knows what Quincey will be in five or six years. I still love Kyle Quincey. I still am not a fan of Rob Blake’s. (he’s having a good year though; good for him!) Anyway, Quincey has been our best defenseman or our second best defenseman in every game this year and logs the most minutes, with Doughty, of anyone on the team.

“Murray knows the team more than the fans.” I don’t think I said that, but I would agree with it.

“Our team is better?” Yes. Obviously.

Handzus has absolutely been our best center so far this year. No question.

EAT THE RICH said: It seems we’re caught in a binary-troll-system. You seem to be going supernova, though. have a nice day.


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