From Tom Benjamin’s NHL Blog: Signing the Sedins

I don’t see what the statistical data has to do with anything. The Sedins are about to become free agents – after July 1st, they are worth whatever an NHL team is prepared to pay them. Emphasis on the word them. The ballpark here is not between $5 MM and $7 MM. It is between $10 MM and $14 MM. Gillis thinks – and I agree with him – that the pair should come a lot cheaper than individual players of similar quality. The Canucks are being asked to commit $126 MM and I think that’s way too much.

I don’t like these long term deals to lessen the cap hit and I’m happy Gillis doesn’t like them either. I expect that the next few years will be difficult ones for the league and the teams that maintain flexibility are the ones that will do best in that environment.

Gaborik as (part of) the replacement is fine by me.

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