From Mirtle: How hard is it to win the Stanley Cup?

It took me a couple days to cobble this together, with some major assistance for the raw data from stats maestro Gabe Desjardins, but I’ve finally got an answer: Of the 6,400-some players to have played in the NHL in the league’s 90-plus year history, 14 per cent won at least one Stanley Cup championship in their career.

It adds up to 917 players, with Mr. Hossa and a few others potentially joining the club later tonight.

Those are the big picture numbers, and they tell us only a little of the story. Part of the problem is that they include about 200 players who were born before World War I, in an era when close to 40 per cent of the players in the league would, at some point, win a Cup.

read the rest, at Mirtle’s blog: How hard is it to win the Stanley Cup? – From The Rink.


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