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The Bad:

Well – the cap situation is even more of a mess.  That shit ain’t good.  I thought they’d only be offering a one-year deal to anyone since next year is going to be Salary Cap Doomsday with Toews, Kane and Keith all due hefty raises.  With 5.2 due to Hossa now it’s going to make it a lot trickier to get all three of them signed.  Sure it’s possible but all that money can’t go to just 6 players, they can’t play the whole game.  Though Kane-Toews-Hossa with Campbell-Keith and Huet ain’t too bad if they could play 60 minutes.

There’s also the situation with Havlat.  Like the Savard situation, it probably could have been handled better, though it’s also half Havlat’s fault for getting on twitter with his agent to confess his undying love for Chicago and the fans.  It puts Tallon in a position of either signing a player he doesn’t want or letting a player walk and making him the bad guy in the eyes of the fans.  Maybe all contracts should include a no-twitter clause from now on?

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