From The Globe and Mail: a little Lombardi quote that means nothing in the scheme of things

“The thing is too, clearly left wing was our biggest hole. We still have holes in the middle, but we just could not – Hexy and I, as much as you’re tempted and you’re frustrated and you get hammered in blogs for not doing anything – we said, ‘nope, we’re sticking with our convictions.’ Fortunately, Ryan came around. The cap hit is high, but the cash made sense for us.

via Kings making their move – The Globe and Mail.

Frankly, I’m surprised they pay any attention at all. And, come to think of it, who is doing this hammering? I don’t see it on Inside the Kings, and that’s the big fish. Are they reading LGK and Frozen Royalty? I don’t know enough about them to know if they regularly slam Lombardi. Usually, you have to drill down into the comments to get to the Lombardi-bashing.

  • jdmmmm

    Gann at Frozen Royalty ripped in to Lombardi pretty hard on July 2nd. After the Smyth trade he took a step back and admitted he may have jumped the gun on bashing Lombardi… more than can be said for Helene.

  • qwisp

    Oh, I remember that. Right. It was “Lombardi Does Nothing” followed immediately by “Lombardi Redeemed.”

  • jdmmmm

    Yeah my guess is that is what he was referring to. I imagine someone at the Kings peruses blogs and reads comments and will relate general sentiments, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Lombardi actually read articles about direct interviews with himself.

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