From Five Hole Fanatics: Who’s getting deep sixed in Detroit? [From Me: and can we have him?]



It’s been a rough off-season for the NHL’s model franchise. Hossa bolts to rival Blackhawks. Samuelsson gets signed by the Canucks. Cap restrictions cause them to sign stop-gaps like Williams (okay) and Bertuzzi (yuck). Dead weight like Matlby and Draper are still on the books. And then Hudler bolts for Russia…

…excpet word is the IIHF isn’t going to allow him to honor that agreement. If so, he and his 2.875M cap hit are Detroit property again. That’s bad news, because the Wings have already signed replacements and are already above the cap ceiling.

Holland doesn’t have a lot of options if things play out like this: even if he sends guys like Draper (1.583M) and Maltby (883k) to the minors and replaces them with the likes of Helm (600k) and Abdelkader (861k) AND if they ran with 7 defensemen rather than the 8 listed on cap geek…they’re still under water by about 1.6M with Hudler added in there. Ouch.

Meaning the Wings would have to deep six a couple of the aging vets, promote a couple of kids and give someone away for minimal (read: no salary coming back) return.

The obvious candidate to my eye is Thomas Holmstrom (2.25M). Homer turns 36 in January and has had problems with injuries for years owing to his style of play. He hasn’t played more than 60 games in either of the last 2 years and his production is poised to drop off now that he’s entering the dreaded 35+ club. He’s probably still a useful player (best crease crasher in the league I’d say), but his utility is fading.

Anyways, it’s going to be a tough 5 or so weeks for Detroit whatever happens. I wonder if anyone will be able to take advantage?

via Five Hole Fanatics: Who’s getting deep sixed in Detroit?.

Last year of his contract. Third line left wing. He can be had for a prospect and/or a pick. Give them Cliche and a pick. Sign me up. This is a no-brainer.





And we know Holland and Lombardi love each other. This is a win-win. Come on, pleeeeeeeease!


  4 comments for “From Five Hole Fanatics: Who’s getting deep sixed in Detroit? [From Me: and can we have him?]

  1. jdmmmm
    August 26, 2009 at 10:27 PM

    Its a good line-up, but I have hated him so much for so long, I don’t know how I’d respond to seeing in a Kings jersey. I think I might still have to hate him!

    Oooooh, fudge. I guess it might would be a good move… maybe…. if… but… oh fine, it would.

    • quisp
      August 26, 2009 at 11:14 PM

      For me it’s grudging respect. There’s a hate scale, which for me goes something like: Hayward, Melrose, Pronger — in descending order — and I don’t know who else. I’ll have to work it out. Even Pronger I respect to a certain (tiny) degree. I’m glad he’s in the East. Blake is somewhere on the hate scale, but much lower. Then we get down to mild annoyance, like Ray Ferraro in a Burger King Jersey. That’s like the lowest simmering level of hate.

  2. nmatt7
    August 27, 2009 at 11:25 PM

    hate holmstrom ha. interesting about hudler tho. I doubt you’ll see Holmstrom in a Kings jersey, but you can wish…

    p.s. why would you need him anyway know that you have captain canada (that is what they call ryan smyth, right?) that would be one too many aging crease-crashers.

  3. quisp
    August 27, 2009 at 11:52 PM

    You can never have too many aging crease-crashers.

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