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Armstrong back to L.A.?

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No. Come on.


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  1. kingscast
    August 31, 2009 at 7:32 PM

    Come on, man, it’s not that bad of a thing. Please excuse the shameless plug :)

    • quisp
      August 31, 2009 at 8:03 PM

      I know it’s not THAT bad. It kind of depends on what the master plan is regarding the rest of the flotsam, Zeiler, Ivanans and Richardson. If Lombardi/Murray want to roll four lines and not have a line of knuckle-draggers that suck up 6 minutes per game, and want to sign Derek as insurance, then I’m happy to have him around as the guy they won’t mind making a healthy scratch 2/3 of the season. If DL is going to waive/dump the lumbering obstruction penalty that is Ivanans and the player Hextall said “didn’t fit” (Richardson) … okay, then, maybe I don’t mind Army for another year. What I fear is this:

      (Zeiler and Harrold as healthy scratches)

      And Lewis and Moller start the season in Manchester.

      What I want is:


      I don’t know who xx is. Maybe it’s Lewis, and Army can be the wing on the Handzus line. In which case, my fantasy is not yet dashed.

      Mind you, I know it’s going to be. Dashed, that is. Also, Scuderi took his number. And Kopitar has already publicly claimed the #1 seed in the pingpong rankings.

  2. kingscast
    September 1, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    You and I aren’t that far off. I’d like to see:


    Waive Zeiller for all I care. You’re probably right about Ivanans. Richardson can go to Manchester.

    What about Westgarth-Armstrong-Lewis?

    Harrold as an extra (I know, I know).

    That said, I have no indication that Army will be back based on what I heard this weekend. That’s not to say it won’t happen.

  3. quisp
    September 1, 2009 at 3:30 PM

    Moller on the right side with Handzus can be good. They did variations on that before xmas and I liked it then. Richardson, Zeiler and Ivanans would all have to clear waivers, so I expect they’ll be disposed of that way. Or at least they should be. I actually have nothing or little against any of those guys. I just prefer other prospects. Zeiler, actually, I frequently like in his role, and he would be easy to put in the press box so in that sense I wouldn’t mind if he stuck around.

    My primary question, from which everything else follows, is: what are the third and fourth lines? Are they a stopper line and a knuckle-dragger line? Are they a third offensive line (Mikus/Moller/Purcell, Lewis/Moller/Purcell, etc.) and a stopper (Handzus) line? I expect Moller (and Hickey, on the defense side of things) to come out blasting at camp. What then? Will Murray stubbornly insist on an enforcer taking up room on the roster? If so, who is it? Westgarth or Invanans, or Westgarth AND Ivanans?

    If, as TM said at the big shindig this weekend, he’s going to try Smyth with Kopitar and Williams, that leaves Frolov/x/x, which I would be tempted to turn into Frolov/Moller/Brown. Third line, xx/Stoll/Purcell, fourth line Lewis/Handzus/Simmonds. Who is the xx? I don’t know, is Mikus any good? Is King ready? Cliche? (?)

  4. kingscast
    September 1, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    Kings, no. Cliche, no. Mikus, I have no idea. I haven’t seen him play with any current NHL players yet.

    My problem here is I can’t place Purcell. I agree with you in that I would be disappointed if Moller doesn’t make the team and goes to Manchester. The reason I like Moller/Handzus/Simmonds is because it’s a tough, two-way line that can chip in offensively.

    Argh, start camp already! We need answers.

  5. quisp
    September 1, 2009 at 6:07 PM

    The only silver lining in Moller going to Manchester is putting him on a line with Loktionov so they can take over the world and then be joined at the hip. At which point I may spend more time watching webcasts of Monarchs games than HD Kings games. No, that probably won’t happen (the watching, I mean).

    Teddy has to be ready (like the song says) and I can’t imagine that TM is going to dump hiim on the fourth line. Wait — yes, I CAN imagine that.

    Purcell, Moller and Simmonds are (or ought to be) ready to leap on any opportunity given to them by inj***es in the top six. Otherwise, I hope what clicks in camp is this:


    (I’m conceding the enforcer point for now, in the hope that TM can combine it with the stopper line. I doubt Westgarth is up to it, but what the hell. I refuse to dream up rosters that don’t have Purcell and Moller on them.)

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