– Matthew Barry – Kings Rookies Shutout Phoenix 4-0 – Heatley/Frolov Trade Rumor Quote

Matthew Barry gets the quote of the day from an anonymous Kings employee (a.k.a. “an NHL source”):

Being that I was standing about 10 inches from Alexander Frolov today, its safe to say he wasn’t on a plane to Ottawa – Since I was actually there, I also asked several Kings personnel about the rumors circulating on XM204 as well as well established NHL outlets. Each one denied the rumor and one added, “How does this make sense? We trade Frolov and we help Dany Heatley go to the Sharks so he can score against us all season?”

via – Matthew Barry – Kings Rookies Shutout Phoenix 4-0 – Heatley/Frolov Trade Rumor Quote.

  • kingscast

    It is unbelievable how quickly the sheep believe this stuff. Twitter exploded yesterday over a trade that makes absolutely no sense.

    If you were Bryan Murray, would you trade Heatley for Frolov and Stoll? NO. If you were Dean Lombardi would you trade Frolov and Stoll for Marleau? NO. If you were Lombardi would you trade Heatley for Marleau straight up? HELL NO.

  • quisp

    If Ottawa’s options are limited (few trading partners, etc.) like everyone is saying, it seems to me it’s entirely possible Lombardi wouldn’t want to give up AS MUCH as Frolov and Stoll for Heatley, in which case, Bryan Murray would likely sit on his hands until Heatley’s stock goes up once he starts filling the nets with pucks (at which time all will be forgiven, or else Murray can trade from a position of power). it would be insane for SJ to trade Marleau for Heatley if we’re to believe that Ottawa is not now in the driver’s seat. And it would be insane for the Kings to give up 55-65 goals and a huge faceoff advantage in order to get back 35-40 goals.

    Not to mention, I keep thinking about this: the only reason for such a trade to involve the Kings at all would be that Marleau wouldn’t waive his NTC to go to OTT and OTT was so desperate to move Heatley and San Jose was so desperate to move Marleau that they had to find someone Marleau was willing to go to. If this were the case, Lombardi would have EVERYONE over a barrel, because everyone would NEED him to make it work. There’s no way he would have to do anything even remotely like over-paying. If SJ really wanted Heatley, they would have to sweeten the pot for Lombardi, and if OTT really wanted to get it done, THEY would have to sweeten the pot for Lombardi. All of which would make the returns to SJ and OTT so minimal than it’s better not to deal.

    So when it doesn’t make sense for any of the three trade partners, I guess it’s safe to assume it really is happening, right? Maximum anguish for all?

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