Last cuts are coming, and my guess at the opening night roster:

[UPDATE: final cuts announced and I was right except for the Bernier/3-goalie plan]





(Clune [IR], Richardson)








That’s my guess. Hickey will get sent down; no loss of face there. DL will keep three goalies up and give Bernier a game or two. If he does the job, Ersberg gets waived. Probably that’s all too whacky and they’ll just send Bernier down. But I think the 3 goalie plan is possible in the short-term. Westgarth will get sent down; Ivanans will live to fight another day. Richardson will get waived when Clune returns.

And there’s still a chance DL brings in one more  old veteran D between now and the beginning of the year.


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  1. paul wilson
    January 31, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    So much for Richardson getting waived! Man played his heart out this year and deserves his spot on the kings! Mollers been a big surprise this year, I hope to see him continue to get more ice time, i think he’ll make for a great two way player if he has Smyth showing him the ropes.

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