Los Angeles Kings, opening night roster, 2011-2012 season







  • kingscast

    Until Colten Teubert proves he can play defense at an NHL level, I pencil him in Manchester. The guy is playing like a goon. I like his character but, this year, he needs to focus on his play.

    As much as a Johnson/Doughty combo excites the hell out of me, someone needs to stay back. I think we’re going to see Johnson have a break out year offensively so I’d like to see him with Greene or Teubert.

    Not that I necessarily disagree with your top three centers, but it is concerning that we drafted our third line center 5th overall :-)

  • quisp

    Which is why this is my roster for three seasons into the future. Schenn could easily be LW2, but the fun of imagining all these kids panning out is the absurd depth the resulting line-up would have, thus his presence on the third line. Of course, I have no doubt people will not pan out, get dealt, etc.. But that doesn’t stop the hypotheticals from pouring forth.

  • dbushik

    What, no Kovalchuk?

  • wavesinair

    odd having quick as your backup. what’s your thought process there?

  • quisp

    I have no process, really. I like them both. I like Jones, too. I really couldn’t say how those three will shake out a few years down the road.

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