Rookie Camp Notes: Very VERY Short

Loktionov: Looks bigger. Wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it this year. Moller/Loktionov/Purcell? Probably too much to hope for.

Dwight King: still big.

Brandon Kozun: speed and scoring touch.

Mikus: doesn’t look like a kid, but I didn’t see him do anything exciting.

Hickey: looks bigger and stronger. Wouldn’t be surprised if he made it either.

Teubert: looks like he’s halfway more grown-up than last year, when he was clearly a kid.

Campbell: still kind of dorky.

Clifford: kept noticing him. He looks young, but was stronger than most of the kids out there on the puck.

Schenn: works his ass off. Seems a year or two away and that’s fine.

Wudrick: appendicitis. Had surgery on Thursday or Friday.


  2 comments for “Rookie Camp Notes: Very VERY Short

  1. kingscast
    September 6, 2009 at 7:14 PM

    I’m a big fan of Loktionov but I think it’s a bit crowded for him this year on the big club. I’m sure they’ll promote him to Manchester and give him a cup of coffee or two when someone goes down with an injury.

    Glad to see you noticed Clifford. He’s just the character we need on this team. What do you think there? A year or two away? I haven’t seen him yet.

  2. quisp
    September 6, 2009 at 7:56 PM

    Agree re Loktionov; it is crowded. I didn’t mean to imply that I would bet on him making it this month; just that he looks bigger and more substantial than he did in the Memorial Cup and OHL playoffs this past spring, in which he was frequently spectacular but always seemed like a super-talented kid. He seems “thicker” just a few months later; one of the few players — strike that, the only player — who seemed a step ahead of everyone else. Not that he did anything spectacular; though he did make several fake-shot passes that made everyone defending against him look foolish.

    From DL’s comments, and articles on the Spits in Windsor, Loktionov has already departed juniors and turned pro. Though clearly Manchester is the safe bet for him this year.

    Clifford: he seems very raw in the good sense of being bump-and-crash and not smooth or finess-y (not a word, I know); he kept getting the puck back after losing it, which is a huge super-power to have. Just seemed tenacious all around. Physically he seems like a junior player to me, this year, for the same reason Teubert did last year. Both players play a game of physical domination, and neither (Teubert last year and probably this year; Clifford this year) could really pull that off against grown-ups.

    Kozun was zipping all over the place. Not just with natural speed, but really working hard. My wife said, “who is that little guy, I like him.”

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