What I Learned by Listening to Kingscast Podcasts of the Kings Fest or Hockey Fest or Deanopalooza or whatever it’s called

  1. Stoll thinks possibly his LW is Smyth and is more sure that his RW is Brown (maybe that’s from the Inside the Kings comments section, I forget).
  2. Terry Murray is going to start Smyth on the first line with Kopitar and Williams.
  3. SOD is going to start off camp paired with Doughty.
  4. Scuderi is going to start off paired with Johnson.
  5. Drewiske is essentially considered a top six d at this point.
  6. TM thinks Bernier, Hickey, Teubert and somebody else (Voynov?) should probably spend a year in the minors.
  7. DL is thinking of adding a 4th line center and a depth defenseman.
  8. DL is high on Purcell.
  9. DL is scared of Dany Heatley, in the best possible sense (and so am I).

Here’s my question. If DL expects big things from Purcell, doesn’t this mean he’s going to find room for him in the top-six? If not, wouldn’t we then have to have a viable third line that’s not a checking/shut-down line? You can’t expect big things from an offensive player and then put him on the fourth line playing six minutes a game.  So, if you’re me (and I am), I think we’re looking at:





But wait. What about the possible C4 addition DL alluded to? That makes just about zero sense unless he’s thinking Moller might be starting the season in Manchester. WHICH IS ANNOYING. Grrr. Okay, let’s pretend he does pick up some old vet to center the 4th line.




LW4/Crusty Old Guy/RW4

Purcell on the off wing on the third line? Maybe. No Moller? (again, WTF.) To me, the “maybe a fourth line center” thing means they’re still thinking about a knuckle-dragging fourth line. Which sucks. A third line of Purcell/Handzus/Simmonds, and a fourth line of Zeiler/Crusty/Westgarth, and Moller and Lewis in the AHL. Maybe he’ll wait till camp to see how Moller, Purcell, Lewis et al look, before he brings in Cliff Ronning or whoever.


  2 comments for “What I Learned by Listening to Kingscast Podcasts of the Kings Fest or Hockey Fest or Deanopalooza or whatever it’s called

  1. wavesinair
    September 2, 2009 at 11:47 AM

    I don’t understand why you think the KDL won’t happen? If I remember correctly, TM believes having an enforcer on the team is integral, which is why I keep thinking it’s a no-brainer that we are, in fact, going to have a KDL. I tend to agree with you that it sucks, but it seems inevitable to me as long as TM is the coach. So then, am I missing something?

  2. quisp
    September 2, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    No, you’re not missing anything, other than my head in the sand. I fear it’s about 80% likely that TM will go with a line of knuckle-draggers. The 20% uncertainty comes from the fact that, last season, TM talked a lot about wanting to roll four lines — before that was shown to be unworkable and he fell back on the KDL (I’m liking your abbreviation) six minutes a game.

    Which is why I’m hoping he’s going to wait to see what everything looks like at camp before he gives up on the rolling four lines option.

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