How often do the Kings get off to such a good start (and does it mean anything?)

season /record / playoffs?

1970-71     3-1          no

1974-75    3-1          yes

1980-81   3-1          yes

1982-83    2-0-2      no

1988-89   4-0        yes

1992-93    3-1         yes

1993-94    3-1           no

1995-96   2-0-2       no

1999-00   3-1        yes

2002-03   3-1          no

2003-04   3-1          no

2005-06   3-1          no

2009-10    3-1          ??

If I can count, that’s 12 starts at 3-1 or better, with 5 play-off appearances. That’s 42%. Not a great indicator. And it’s even worse when you consider this: the Kings have been in the playoffs 23 times out of 41 seasons (56% of the time). If you subtract the 12 seasons in which they started the season at 3-1 or better, you’re left with 29 seasons, in which they made the playoffs 18 times. 62% of the time.

That’s right: historically, the Kings are 20% more likely to make the playoffs when they do worse than 3-1 in their first four games. Grrrr.


  3 comments for “How often do the Kings get off to such a good start (and does it mean anything?)

  1. kingscast
    October 11, 2009 at 2:17 PM

    I hate it when you go all statistical on us! Using real data to prove a point is so 2001. :-)

    If we can figure out why we can’t win a faceoff, I think we’ll be okay. The Kings looked solid defensively last night and the PK was perfect. Clearly scoring won’t be an issue this year so let’s stay healthy and win in the faceoff circle.

  2. quisp
    October 11, 2009 at 5:31 PM

    I don’t know what’s up with face-offs, other than to note that the refs/linesmen have changed the way they drop the puck this year — more accurately, they have standardized how the puck is dropped to eliminate individual styles of the puck-dropper. I wonder if this is having an effect, or if it’s Stoll’s arthritis or what. I’m going to have to drill down into some more stats…

  3. quisp
    October 11, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    Also, I would note that one of those fast start years was the Gretzky to STL year (1996) when the Kings dumped half the roster and the wheels fell off. So that’s kind of an outlier. And another one was that crazy Andy Murray year when the Kings lost their last forty games or whatever and dropped right out of the playoff race. That wasn’t an outlier so much as it was just insane.

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