I Would Just Like to Point Out That Erik Ersberg Has Not Won a Single Game Since Jonathan Quick Joined the Kings

His last win was in mid-December of 2008. Since Quick was called up, Ersberg has lost ten straight. So I don’t think anyone can argue that he’s “resilient” and “he’ll bounce back.” At least not from the evidence.

[UPDATE: and here's something else. Take a look at last year's goalie stats sorted by wins. Notice anything? And I mean apart from the fact that the bottom two names on the list are LaBarbera and Ersberg... There isn't a single playoff team whose back-up has a losing record.]

  • http://deepinsidethekings.com/ wavesinair

    There’s still hope. Michael Leighton had a 6-7 record last year as a backup, yet the ‘Canes made the playoffs.

  • http://deepinsidethekings.com/ wavesinair

    Oh yeah, so did Curtis McElhinney for the Flames. 1-6!!!

  • Mike

    So are you going to go all Anthony on us and make Ersberg your Justin Williams?

    • quisp

      Nah. I like Ersberg. Which is why I was kinda surprised to see how bad his numbers have been since last December.

  • http://kingscast.net Keith Korneluk

    I hear ya, Kwisp, but what’s the alternative? Right now Quick is our number one goaltender, which means the backup net minder isn’t going to get a lot of games in. I’d rather have Bernier tear it up in Manchester one more year than have him ride the pine for 70 games.

    But, if that’s what makes the difference between this team making the playoffs and no, screw it, bring him up.

    By the way, why the hell didn’t Murray start Ersberg tonight?

  • quisp

    I’m not railing against Ersberg, really. Just looking at the numbers. I agree that he’s the best choice right now. I guess if the trend continues, I would expect a change. But all of that is premature at this point.