Kings Grades After Game One

Loktionov A+

Parse A

Bernier B+

Moller, Drewiske B

Lewis C

Brown, Frolov, Smyth, Williams, Simmonds, Martinez* D

everyone else F

*yes, Martinez did get beat leading to the 2-on-1 which was the goal that Greene swept into his own net, but at least Martinez used his speed to get back. If Greene doesn’t do that, there is no one to receive the pass.


  3 comments for “Kings Grades After Game One

  1. wavesinair
    October 4, 2009 at 12:57 PM

    Kopitar an F? Haven’t watched the broadcast, but at the rink, I thought he played an inspired game.

  2. quisp
    October 4, 2009 at 1:39 PM

    They lost to PHX 6-3. They scored no goals 5on5. Kopitar missed two chances he should have buried. I’m not singling him out. I thought everyone sucked, with a few exceptions.

  3. wavesinair
    October 4, 2009 at 6:22 PM

    No doubt. Sucked. I was debating about the captaincy with a friend and we kept going around and around about Brown not quite living up to it yet. So I was arguing I felt like, based on last night’s performance, that Kopitar seemed much more the captain of this team than Brown. The debate ended in agreement that we should try the dreaded rotating captaincy. Not now, mind you, but they should have done it before the season began.

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