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12 Games, 16 points — is THAT good?

Three times in franchise history the Kings have done better: ’74, ’80 and ’90 (7-1-4, 10-1-1, 9-2-1, respectively). Three times they’ve equaled it: ’75, ’99 and ’05. And, yes, they made the playoffs every time but ’05.  

11 games, 14 points; is that good?

Yes. The Kings have done better than this four times in franchise history, in ’74 (16 pts), ’80 (19 pts), ’90 (17 pts)  and ’02 (15 pts). They made the playoffs every time but the last one. They have equaled this year’s 14 pt start five times, in ’75, ’79, ’91, ’99 and ’05. They…


Now what? I’m thinking: Smyth/Kopitar/Simmonds Parse/Stoll/Williams Frolov/Handzus/Brown Clune/Richardson/Purcell Assuming Williams is back sometime soon, and same for Clune.  

Scott Parse is Getting His Shot

I have been rooting for this kid for three years now. This time last year, I was crossing my fingers that he would have a great camp and crack the line-up. That was wishful thinking, but what he did do was put together a solid, complete season in Manchester and managed not to get inj***d.…