Submitted Without Comment or Reason

  • wavesinair

    Oh there’s a reason alright. Obviously it’s because you’ve lost your mind.

  • dbushik

    I still remember and respect Mattias Norstrom. You’d think the first thing coming to a Kings fan’s mind would be of him with a picture like that. It’s a nice moment and a nice picture and a shame he isn’t in it. Are you trying to mock these guys or something?

    • quisp

      No. I just think it’s a funny picture.

  • wavesinair

    hey quisp, go post #99 over at the old site…

  • wavesinair

    too late.

  • jdmmmm

    shame too… pretty lame 99th post. All that hype, and all we get is “GO GRETZKY”? I knew someone would ruin it.

    I’m so tempted to post something else… just because that sucked.

  • wavesinair

    yes, lame post. i do like looking at the 99 though…

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