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And next, again from Jeff, a story that makes me want to punch an endless number of people:

“I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the NYC Gay Hockey Association once had an unpleasant experience at Madison Square Garden. We had arranged for group seats for 30 of our members and friends. We were all enjoying the game. During the first intermission, it is customary for the Group Ticket purchasers (usually companies and organizations) to have their name displayed on the jumbotron. When the name “New York City Gay Hockey Association” went up, hundreds and hundreds of people started booing. I can’t even tell you what that felt like. I was horrified just to think they these hockey fans, people who loved hockey as much as I do, were so close-minded and hateful about the gay community. It pretty much soured my interest in the NHL, and its been a slow road coming back. This story was written up in the New York Times. We even met with Madison Square Garden & Cablevision officials to deal with it, and come up with solutions for providing a more welcoming environment for everyone.”

via Homophobia in Hockey – The Response (UPDATED) | Bourne’s Blog.

I have two immediate responses to this: (1) in any group of thousands of people, there are hundreds of idiots, and idiots can be loud; (2) come be Kings fans instead. Bonus third response: I love that there is a New York City Gay Hockey Association.


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