I Said I Would Try to Find a Silver Lining

  1. Face-offs were roughly even.
  2. Frolov played well.
  3. Parse was even in +/- and had a hit and a takeaway.
  4. Quick didn’t smile on the bench.
  5. The Kings had a lot of high-quality chances and could easily have been ahead by 2 or 3 by the mid-point of the game.
  6. It was basically a normal game, 0-0 with a decent amount of wide-open play, all the way until the last few minutes of the second period.
  7. 7-0 is the same as 1-0. It’s a loss.
  8. I wouldn’t say the Kings were crushed or even really outplayed. They just gave up a ****load of goals all of the sudden. I can’t even get all that riled up by the Handzus whiff. Whatever. He doesn’t do that more than once a year or so. So, in that sense, yay?
  9. Quick did not get beat upper glove side. So, good work, Bill Ranford.

Now, as for that goaltending…

I thought Quick looked shaky the whole game. There was that puck off the post that he nearly kicked into his own net. The first goal he was betwixt and between; should have had his paddle down. Second goal, the breakaway, I’ll give him a pass. Third goal? It’s not just that he got burned, or that he got caught, as Jim Fox said, in between. It was just about the most tentative lateral move I have ever seen. When the puck beat him, he was kind of halfway kneeling and almost turned toward the corner. Who does that? I have to say, at least as far as this one game goes, there was something mentally wrong with him. In context, the night off did nothing to help. If anything, his confidence is even worse.

His numbers for the night: 5.11GAA, .786SV%. Terrible. But not as bad as what came next.

Ersberg played less than half the game, gave up four goals on seven shots, miraculously made three saves, looked amateurish on the last goal, in which he went down into a butterfly to let a shot go between his legs that would have hit him if he hadn’t moved. His numbers?

9.32GAA .429SV%, nearly twice as bad as Quick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Usually the starter gets pulled and the game calms down. I think I’ve seen it be just as bad with the relief goalie; but I’ve never seen it get worse. I actually thought Murray might pull Ersberg and put Quick back in. Or, you know, Peter Harrold.

One last point to make about this. In shoot-outs, the all-time league average save percentage is .670. The Kings goalies allowed 7 goals on 21 shots. That’s a .667 SV%. That’s right:

We would have done better just to let them have their 21 shots in penalty shot form.

[bonus comment: Bernier has played twice as many games in the AHL as Quick has, with better numbers. He’s hot. He’s cured his bad attitude. He’s earned it. He should be called up. Waive Ersberg. Let Bernier and Quick split the games for awhile. Problem solved.]


  5 comments for “I Said I Would Try to Find a Silver Lining

  1. sullyfan
    November 14, 2009 at 9:28 AM

    Let’s throw Raitas in goal and see what happens…

  2. mask0425x
    November 14, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    Raitis instead of mini Ewik??? Hmmm, he is a definitely way bigger and does not move away from the puck. Heck, he does not move at all!

  3. DougS
    November 14, 2009 at 11:28 PM

    I wouldn’t disagree at this point with giving up on Ersberg and giving Bernier a chance to duke it out with Quick. That duel is going to happen sooner or later; might as well bring it on now.

    But I say give Lombardi a chance to work a deal (maybe he’s working the phones now?). He got a draft pick for LaBarbs; he should be able to do the same for Ersberg.

    • quisp
      November 15, 2009 at 7:21 PM

      I think Ersberg’s value will go up as (1) he gets in a few more games and doesn’t stink, and (2) other teams get hit by injuries and need a back-up (which is what happened in Vancouver last year). I think, as long as Quick gets back on his game and Ersberg is respectable in his next couple of starts, DL will play the waiting game. However, if Quick hits another major speedbump, some shuffling seems both desirable and likely.

  4. DougS
    November 15, 2009 at 10:23 PM

    Heck, Carolina this year was desperate enough to sign Legace. :-) Ersberg would come relatively cheap, despite being less of a known quantity.

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