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The Avs set a record tonight – for lowest home attendance to a game. I wrote a column for recently that ripped on Nashville Predators fans, for not selling out their home opener and for being a general disappointment at the box office in recent years despite a pretty good team.

I even called for the Preds to just beat it out of the NHL, if they don’t want to show up to support a good team.

Do I need to write the same thing to you, Avs fans? Because, based on tonight’s embarrassing attendance, a lot of people (Predators fans especially) are pointing this out to me. I don’t blame them tonight.

What gives? Seriously, what’s up? I want to know what the reasons are why more of you wouldn’t show up tonight to see a team that had the most points in the Western Conference coming into tonight’s game with Phoenix (and added on to them when it was over)?

If the reason why attendance was down last year was the perfectly justifiable reason that the team was awful, what is the excuse for tonight?

There was not a single person in sections 330 and 334 a few minutes into the game tonight. Not one. I think a couple souls showed up a while later and sat there, but that was…it.

You definitely did not dissuade critics who say Denver is just a bandwagon hockey town tonight, folks. The announced attendance was definitely not the actual number in the building either. I’d say the real number was about 8,500, maybe a bit less actually.

This is a team that has busted their rear ends so far, that has two exciting 18-year-old kids on the roster who are playing well and a goalie who has been an absolute beast. This was a team that came home after another long road trip, with a 10-3-2 record, and it was….almost crickets. The players definitely noticed it, and there was some disappointment in the voices of a couple that I talked to after the game. I mean, not like everybody was expecting a sellout, but thousands of empty seats? Yes, there was some disappointment at that.

It was an embarrassing showing by Denver hockey fans tonight, no question about it.

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