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First-round draft pick Colten Teubert of White Rock, taken 13th overall by Los Angeles in 2008, paid Ontario head coach Karl Taylor a nice compliment when in Victoria last Wednesday for the WHL-Russia game. The highly-regarded world junior gold-medallist rearguard Teubert said he learned a lot from Taylor during a 14-game stint with the Reign last spring.

I thought there was going to be more, but that’s all there is.  That’s the compliment.

via S-Kings alive and kicking.

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    So I decided to contact the author…

    My Email:


    Hi there. Quick question: You said Teubert, “paid Ontario head coach Karl Taylor a nice compliment.”

    Was the compliment, “he learned a lot?” Is there more? If not, it’s not much of a compliment!


    His Answer:

    He said several other things about his stint there, all positive. As for
    Taylor, Teubert called him a “great coach” and that he learned a great deal
    from him in the short time he had there. Sounded to me like a compliment.
    Cheers, Cleve

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