36 points in 29 games…is that good?

How many times have the Kings had 36 points or more at the game 29 mark? Three times. 1988-89, they were one point better; 1980-81, they were seven points better; 1974-75, they were the same as this year. And, yes, they made the playoffs each of those years.

In case you’re wondering, 1974-75 was the Kings’ 105 point season (best ever). Then ’90 (102 pts), ’80 (99 pts), then three Andy Murray teams — ’01, ’99,’00 — with totals of 95, 94, 92 pts respectively, then the ’88 team (91 pts). All of those teams made the playoffs.

The Kings are on pace for 102 points.


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  1. December 4, 2009 at 10:20 AM

    Such a wonderful change of pace. To be doing this well, points-wise, and still have plenty of room for improvement, along with needing to get healthy, is an amazing step in the right direction as a franchise. FINALLY, we are on the right track after waaay too long. If we can keep this pace until the xmas break, we’ll be looking strong for the remainder of the season. As Rich pointed out, we are traditionally dismal in December, yet we’ve started 2-0!!! Love it.

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