Rangers Analysis: Grading the Blueshirts thus far – Blueshirt Banter

Brian Boyle: I expected more scoring out of him and currently he is doing little more than taking the body occasionally. He always talks about how he needs to score more but he only has 2 goals. Grade C-.

via Rangers Analysis: Grading the Blueshirts thus far – Blueshirt Banter.

  • http://deepinsidethekings.com/ wavesinair

    He must be thinking, “At least I have a better grade than Chris Drury.”

  • Mike

    I’m wondering if we wouldn’t be happier with Boyle than Ivanans or Harrold or Westgarth or … If we accept him as a fourth liner rather than a failed #1 pick, our answers might be different.

    • quisp

      Problem is, Boyle doesn’t scare anybody.

  • http://deepinsidethekings.com/ wavesinair

    I would be happier with Ivan, Harry and/or Westy over Boyle any day of the week, twice on Sunday. Moulson, on the other hand, is a different story…

  • DougS

    Whether or not it’s true of Boyle, I think Mike makes a good point in general, that where you were drafted plays a role in what’s expected out of you. I think we see something similar in how some of the fan base treat Frolov and POS; if they weren’t former 1st rounders, it would be easier to value what they do contribute rather than focus on what they don’t do.

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