And to this trade proposal I say NO: John Buccigross has 29 proposals for Atlanta (and my one answer)

Los Angeles Kings

Proposed trade: Kovalchuk for Jonathan Bernier, Alexander Frolov, Oscar Moller and a No. 1 pick.

This is the other team we are hearing to be among the favorites to land Kovalchuk, and most of us could figure that out. Why? Because the Kings need a proven goal scorer and a talent upgrade to compete with the Western Conference elite. The Kings covet a star to put on billboards, plus they have some cap space, some good young prospects and have a player in Frolov who clearly needs a change of scenery. Frolov is also playing for a contract, and the Thrashers could benefit from that drive. Plus, if he plays well and doesn’t ask for too much money, the Thrashers could re-sign him.

Frolov is a tough sign because he has had an up-and-down career. Three years at $15 million? Five years for $25 million? I’m sure he will go for as many guaranteed dollars as he can get, but I would be hesitant to give him more than a three- or four-year deal. Bernier is a 21-year-old goalie who is having a really good season in the AHL. Moller is a slick, Swedish center, but has yet to show he can be consistent at the NHL level; but I can see him evolving into a real solid player. One of Atlanta’s problems over the years has been a lack of strong center.

via John Buccigross: Ilya Kovalchuk trade talk? We have 29 proposals for Atlanta – ESPN.

Three six things:

(1) No.

(2) Lombardi has yet to trade any of his picks and I would rather he not start now.

(3) If he does trade one of his own drafted players, I hope he doesn’t start with my two favorite ones.

(4) Atlanta is going to need to get more back than what will look to them like one enigmatic Russians and some prospects.

(5) I guess Buccigross hasn’t seen any Kings games this year, because I don’t think Frolov is going to be getting anything approaching $5MM a year.

(5a) I love Frolov and had him pegged for 35-40 goals this season. And if he were somehow to do that (unlikely at this point), he would certainly get that kind of money.

(6) My proposal of Brown and Johnson seasoned with picks is more likely to get Waddell’s attention. I believe the result of such a trade would be that I would be glad with got IK but I would miss JJ and be glad I shipped off Brown when I did.


  8 comments for “And to this trade proposal I say NO: John Buccigross has 29 proposals for Atlanta (and my one answer)

  1. Sam
    January 12, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    Switch Bernier with Zatkoff. Add in Voynov, and maybe even Hickey and I’m in!

    • quisp
      January 12, 2010 at 2:13 PM

      Swap Purcell for Moller and Martinez and Mullen for Hickey and Voynov and I’m in! (insert smiley face)

      • Sam
        January 12, 2010 at 2:16 PM

        You have to give to get. I’d prefer to part with Martinez and other middle tier guys but Atlanta doesn’t want those guys. I’d give them Purcell, Moller, Voynov, Hickey, Jack (begrudgingly), Zatkoff, Loktionov, or Elkins. They just pick the 3-4 they want and I’d be fine with it. They can even have Frolov too.

        • quisp
          January 12, 2010 at 3:47 PM

          No to loktionov bernier hickey voynov moller simmonds doughty Purcell god love him is not a pot sweetener Atlanta is going to have to get real roster players if waddell wants a job AND the kings have to send AT LEAST 3MM back or they can’t sign him. Well they could shed the salary after the playoffs. But the point is they will lose one of the big boys one way or anotrher. It aint gonna be four prospects for kovi

  2. roadtripper
    January 12, 2010 at 1:59 PM

    yeaaaaaaa, NO!!!

    but he is right about this…
    “Because the Kings need a proven goal scorer and a talent upgrade to compete with the Western Conference elite.”

    not only do I like Q’s proposal better, but I think Atlanta would too… It’s so simple. Let’s do it ;)


  3. falmer
    January 12, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    I would also guess that Bucci knows little about Lombardi. There is no way DL will even consider dealing Bernier. Fugettaboutit. I wish everyone would stop mentioning his name. Nor is he likely to cough up a lop-sided amount of young marquee D-men. (Remember: always build from the back, out. Always keep the pipeline full of Gs and Ds.) Nor is he going to deal for anyone, anytime, if it means being hog-tied by the salary cap.

    Having said that, there are still plenty of options. Should a deal for Kovalchuk go through, ATL would certainly be getting at least one roster player, at least one prospect, and our ’10 first round draft pick. There’s nothing out of the ordinary in that formula. Fill in the blanks with whomever — as long as they don’t include the names Kopitar, Doughty, Bernier, Schenn, and probably Hickey, Quick… and Brown, I reckon.

    Brace yourself, Quisp. (I’m sure you already have.) When the time comes to “take the next step” — this season, perhaps? — DL *will* part with some of his babies. Sad to imagine it, but there are going to be a handful of his draftees who will never be branded with that hallowed LA Kings butt tattoo. :-(

    (How do I know? I channel Lombardi in bi-weekly midnight seances with Juraj Mikus, Nina Hagen, Hugh Hefner, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, and the Dalai Lama. I also read his interviews and take him at his word.)

    My personal ideal scenario: We don’t do anything at the trade deadline. We right the ship and make the playoffs. We do well in the playoffs. (Define that however you’re inclined.) The season is considered by all to be a resounding success. On July 1, Kovalchuk signs with us as a FREE AGENT! DL therefore gets full say in keeping and getting rid of whomever he deems doesn’t fit.

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