From Frozen Royalty: Lombardi Makes Cryptic Prophesy

“I’m always looking for the next piece,” Lombardi said in a recent interview. “We’re right on schedule. I met with the owner back in July. We talked about if he was happy with our record. This is the way I saw it, this is my projection on what we’re going to need to be a contender, if everything came together the way I thought. To get to the next level, these are the three things we need to have.”

“So for those things, I’m always on the [lookout],” Lombardi added, even though he would not reveal what those three things were.

via Dean Lombardi: The Time To Make A Big Splash May Be Now « Frozen Royalty.

Ok, I’ll bite. WHAT ARE THE THREE THINGS? (I think I have a pretty good idea.)


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  1. falmer
    January 13, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    I’ll take a stab:

    1. Scoring
    2. Scoring
    3. Scoring

    More realistically:

    1. keeping the puck out of our net
    2. character
    3. scoring

    Even more realistically:

    1. consistent and sometimes game-stealing Goalie
    2a. “drive to the net” sort of player who can make a difference, esp. in the playoffs
    2b. player(s) with deep playoff experience
    3. a reliable finisher/elite scorer/game breaker/stud forward

    I can picture 1 and 2a/2b currently in the fold. Not 3, obviously.

    (I hope you’ll forgive me for resisting the inclusion of Juraj “Next Piece” Mikus.)

  2. falmer
    January 13, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    Or did he mean 3 things that we currently, still, to this day, don’t have?

    Or did he mean things, as in “a noun is a person, place or thing”. Like, maybe, a cape, or a power ring, or a pair of magical socks?

    Or did he mean the Hanson Brothers?

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