Moller v. Ryan footage

Begins at 1:10. Skip the rest.

hat-tip live4dacup

  • roadtripper

    was that brown sitting on the bench not jumping in to help a teammate?

    • quisp

      Well, first of all, ha ha and no comment.

      That’s Lupus, my favorite character in BNB. He actually looks more like Moller than the other guy (Tanner). But Tanner has some of the behavior in that part of the clip.

  • roadtripper

    “Well, first of all, ha ha and no comment.”
    ’nuff said…

    I actually like Brown. I’m still so pissed from when Flake was captain and allowed Palffy to get hammered on every damn night until he finally wanted out. I have no respect for a coach or captain that ALLOWS that to happen just to not take a penalty or whatever!


    • quisp


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