Teubert = dad, Eberle = mom

Here’s a quote Pats star Jordan Eberle won’t like. It came from Pats assistant coach Shaun Sutter when I asked him this week why it took so long to put the “C” on Colten Teubert:

“The first response is you just don’t know what players are going to be here. We didn’t know who was going to be here and it’s Curtis’s decision to name the captain. Colten has shown has shown the leadership abilities but so too has Jordan.

In fact we probably have three players who could wear the ‘C’ on any team. On a young team, Garrett Mitchell would the captain. We have a strong group of leaders and any one could’ve done that.

Once the trade deadline passed, we could make a decision and Teuby’s gonna be the guy. In our dressing room, we look at it as Teuby’s the Dad in the dressing room and Ebs is the Mom. What I mean by that is Teuby’s the intense guy who keeps everybody in line and gets them going. Ebs is the calming guy that keeps everyone relaxed but everyone respects what he has to say.

Also some players don’t necessarily want the ‘C’. It is a lot of responsibility. It’s an everyday thing and you can’t have an off-day. You have to be at your best all the time. Like I said we have a lot of guys who could wear the ‘C’ on any team.”

via Friday Rodservations.

I wonder who the mom is on the Kings.


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  1. DougS
    January 15, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    I wouldn’t care to speculate on that. 8-0

    But I have said before that a big part of Murray’s job is to be the Dad to this team. And whatever you think of him as a tactician or a strategist, he’s clearly done very well at being firm, yet level-headed and supportive. I think the way he’s handled Frolov is this season is an example of that.

    Smyth and Scuderi and O’Donnell are the oldest brothers, and they’re supposed to keep the kids in line while Dad isn’t looking. In that sense, I think Brownie’s “C” is an expression of hope and expectation for his continued development more than anything else. We know who the veterans are, and why they were brought in.

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