UPDATE: Kings Pre-Olympic Mini-Season — record so far? 2-0-0

Not bad. 18 games till the break.

6 against the East: BUF, TOR, BOS x2, NJD, NYR

12 against the West: SJS x2, DET x3, ANA x3, STL, CBJ, EDM, COL

against teams ahead of the Kings league-wide: 5

against the 7 teams in the 3rd to 10th log-jam: (4) DET x3, COL

back-to-back: (1) NJD, 1/31 after BOS 1/30

two days off: 5

one day off: 13

home/away: 12/6

Kings are 25-15-3, 53 points (that’s a 101 point pace). The target for the mini-season is 24 of the 40 points possible, which is now 20 out of the remaining 36 possible. That’s, 10-8-0, or somewhere in the neighborhood of 9-7-2, if you assume the Kings will have one or two OTSOLs over twenty games. They would then be 34-22-5, 73 points, 21 games left.


  5 comments for “UPDATE: Kings Pre-Olympic Mini-Season — record so far? 2-0-0

  1. Cricket
    January 5, 2010 at 11:38 AM

    I know that no game is easy in today’s NHL, but it is nice to think the kings have a decent amount of games against struggling teams in this stretch. STL, ANA (3!), EDM, CLB, TOR. These are the teams they “should” beat, being below them in the standings. Hypothetically, that’s 14 pts right there, though again, I know that no game is a sure thing.

    DET may be having a terrible season, but no one’s been hit harder with injuries. I still think those will be some really grueling games, especially since the kings have so much trouble with them. I think DET is starting to get guys back, too. Either way, with SJ and NJ and BUF, they’re still going to have win some tough ones, so I hope they really do take care of the lower-ranked teams.

  2. quisp
    January 5, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    Yes, Zetterberg is back this week, for instance. Detroit will make the playoffs, at someone’s expense. I would be happy to get three points out of those three DET games. And as for the 7 games against bottom-feeders, in at least one of those we’ll blow the points. Frankly, as long as we continue at a .600 pace and don’t give away loser (OTSOL) points within the conference, and don’t lose to Anaheim or San Jose, I’ll be happy.

  3. Mike
    January 5, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    This home stand is going to be a bear — SJ twice, Detroit rounding into shape, Boston and Buffalo (hot Olympic goalies both). I’d be happy with 10 points.

  4. quisp
    January 5, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    I would be happy with 8.5 points. Call it 9.

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