Kings are tied with Coyotes in PTs, GP, ROW, season series, but not in…

…goal differential. The Kings lead in that tie-breaker, 15 to 4. So the Kings stay in 3rd. Phoenix gets 7th.

UPDATE: Except the Kings DID win the season series, as commenter JMAN1865 pointed out. I went to make that correction on this site’s very own Season Series page, and discovered it needed no correction because it had it right in the first place. I guess I should read my own site.

  • Uni

    I was pretty happy to see the Kings’ GD go up just because I thought it was a great reflection of the increased offense. But the fact that it, as of now, is bearing weight on the playoffs is not only fantastic, but truly, appropriately ironic for what has to be one of the most unusual seasons in Kings history.

  • Jman1865

    By my count, LA has the season series 8 points to 7.  LA went 3-1-2, while PHX went 3-2-1.