Last time the Kings had a 2-0 lead in a series was

1968 (WTF, I previously said “never” — see comments for more on my reading comprehension problems). The Kings’ first season. They beat the North Stars twice, and proceeded to lose in seven games.

Okay-okay, if you count those rinky-dink best-of-three series from the 70s, the Kings swept the Atlanta Flames in 1976. But those don’t count.

  • DougS

    That explains why I’m feeling a little disoriented right now.

    I know it’s too early to get all gloaty, but what I take away from tonight’s game are two possible coming-of-age moments:

    Brown dominating the scoresheet in a playoff game against a goalie of Luongo’s caliber (with 2 shorties, no less). I think Stoll should have gotten that last goal, but even still, I can’t remember the Captain having a game like this in the playoffs in ’10 or ’11. And Kopi’s assist on Brown’s first goal was exactly the kind of brilliant play you need from your top center in a playoff game, enforcing your will on the defense.

    Also, Lewis’ goal. It’s not enough to say that was a hard-working goal. That was about wanting to rip out your opponent’s heart and eat it while he watches helplessly. That’s killer instinct, which the Kings did not have in the playoffs the last 2 seasons. Without it, Vancouver makes it a 3-2 game, and the last couple of minutes feel a lot different.

    Based on these last couple of games, they don’t look like a young team anymore. They look like they’re just about ready.

  • Garrett79

    They came oh-so-close that one time, but then your blog had to go get its name, and well, history…

  • TonySCV

    Once prior actually (in a best of 7) 1968. Kings vs. Minnesota. The Kings won the first two at home. Minnesota wound up winning the series 4-3.  They’ve never been up 2-0 on the road.

    • Quisp

       Oh crap. You’re right. And I looked right at that series, and somehow didn’t see it. I’m going to have to stop making bold declarations.