Blog regathers Mike Emerick

…budged, cracked, curled, dented, edged, fed, finessed, filtered, fired, fleshed, flexed, flipped, floated, flopped, forced, glassed, guided, hoisted, hooked, jabbed, jai-alai’ed, knifed, laid, lasered, lassoed, layered, led, lifted, lobbed, looped, nubbed, nudged, pitchforked, punched, pushed, rifled, rolled, rubbed, rushed, sashayed, scorched, shaken, shoved, shuffled, shunted, skittered, skyhooked, slipped, sped along, spun, squeezed, squibbed, squibbled, stabbed, stashed, stoked, swaggered, thrown, trickled, twirled, twisted, wanded, wedged, wended, worked…

via Revisited: The Wonderful World Of Doc Emrick’s Vocabulary – The Copper & Blue.

For more, here’s my 2009 post on the subject: Mike Emerick’s Broken Thesaurus.


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