Boyle’s Dad asked Lombardi to trade Brian back East

Really interesting article in the New York Post on Rangers’ leading playoff goal-scorer Brian Boyle. You need to read the whole thing, but here’s the best part:

Rangers aren’t only big team for Boyle –

One by one, the proud father of Rangers hero Brian Boyle runs down the names and ages of his 13 children. Artie Boyle is a man who used an undying faith to score a miracle goal against terminal cancer, a man with 15 grandchildren now, a father who lost one of those 13 children to SIDS at the age of two months.

So this is a family that knows life is no breakaway […]

“Brian’s always played well in big-game situations and pressure situations his whole life, it doesn’t matter what the sport was,” Artie Boyle said last night from Hingham, Mass.

It was Artie Boyle who three years ago asked Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi at Boston’s Hilton Logan Airport if he would consider trading Brian to the East Coast.

“Any place but Boston,” Artie Boyle said, and chuckled, “but get him back to the East Coast. The pressure of coming to play in our hometown is ridiculous. Especially this town. The fans are crazy!”

Boyle paused and added: “And I could never afford to buy all the tickets!”

There would be no need. “Within two weeks, he [Lombardi] traded him to the best possible city he could have traded him,” Boyle said. “It was like a dream come true.”

And Lombardi is from Massachusetts as well.


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