VIDEO: Brown Hits Sedin

  • Tyfighter77

    Boy I’m jealous of any of you that watched the Kings broadcast of the game.  I was stuck watching the CBC and wow are those guys homers.  I was expecting them to be a least a little neutral.  According to whats-his-face (the same guy who watched Browns game 2 goal from the land of make-believe) this was a *very*  late hit into the chin.  It went like that all game long.

    • Doughty99

      No Bob & Jim for Game 4 and the next rounds of the playoffs! If NBCSN has homers like this on those broadcasts, I’m gonna have to go old school and listen to Nick & Daryl.

    • Geoff DeSouza

      It’s Craig Simpson, and he’s already hated by pretty much all of Canada anyway (the CBC West Coast team is generally thought of as the Canucks version of Cole and Neale, only their terrible nature is due to actual bias and not just senility).

      His wife’s nice, though.

  • Doughty99

    To all of Canada outside BC, you’re welcome. – Dustin Brown