Playoff Roundelay: Kings East and Flyers West both up 3-0

And neither series is over, of course, but the dream of a Kings-Flyers cup final, as ridiculously premature that is even to speak out loud, lives to fight another day. I’ll say it again:

Kings Flyers Cup Final

I’m not saying because I think it’s going to happen. What am I, an idiot? I’m saying it because it would amazing. An amazing story. A better story than any other story that’s still possible.

Other thoughts:

  • Briere – Schenn – Simmonds. That’s a great line. If there had been no trade, who would be on the left wing for those two?
  • Sidney Crosby looked like he was going to cry in the post-game.
  • Schenn just destroyed whoever that was, and Asham just about took Schenn’s head off.
  • In the Rangers game yesterday, Matt Carkner did something untoward to a person referred to as “a defenseless Brian Boyle.”
  • Brown has been Brown 2.0 ever since Dean Lombardi brilliantly let the word out that Brown was “available.” Genius. Brown has played 3/16 of a Conn Smythe.
  • I admired Sedin’s response to the questions about Brown’s hit. Compare to Crosby tonight. I never really bought into the whole Crosby “whiner” meme, but tonight I get it.
  • Also, it seems kind of stupid of Sid to be fighting people. Does he know people get punched in the head?

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