Kings/Oilers OPEN THREAD

Kind of an important game.

  • michael e

    Show me the “W”

  • michael e

    Taylor Hall‏@hallsy04
    Just landed in Cleveland, surgery tomorrow

  • alphatronic

    GO KINGS GO! Kick this blog off proper!

  • Matt George

    I want blood … Total Domination … No Mercy … 10-zip

    go kings

  • Kristofer Coffman

    Hey quisp, just dropped by from over at Jewels from the Crown. I like the blog design, and look forward to reading.

  • Kiosku2


    I can’t see the text once the page loads. I’m on an iPad. Help :-/

    • Quisp

      Uh oh. Thanks for telling me. I have checked compatibility with all browsers, and with android, but not blackberry or iPad/Pod/Phone. I guess that means iOS doesn’t “see” Google webfonts (?). I hope not. I use macs for everything and I have no problems so … grrr … okay, can you describe what you see in more detail? The font is supposed to revert to the fall-back font (or whatever the technical term is). That’s what it does on my android. 

      • Kiosku2

        I see the top banner and comments but not the text in between. All I see is some scrunched up text on the lefthand side of the page.

      • Kiosku2

        The text is not scrunched up; I just see the beginning of text (first letter or so only) all the way down throughout the text portion of the post. Once again, I only see the header section of the page, the comment section and the righthand portion (categories) of the page. Just missing the text of the post. Hope that makes a little more sense.


        • Quisp

          Try it now. I tweaked the Disqus settings. 

          • Macoidh

            A: I like the font.
            B: The firmat looks fine on my iPhone.

            • Heinze57

              “Format” damn sausage fingers!
              [Macoidh > Heinze57]

            • Quisp

              A: Excellent.
              B: EXCELLENT! 

              It appears to have been a problem with the disqus interface on mobile devices. It’s obviously happened before because they (Disqus) had a little piece of CSS code to solve the problem. Which is good news because otherwise I was going to cry.

          • Kiosku2

            Quisp, working fine now on my iPad.

            Thanks a bunch!!!

  • alphatronic

    this game is killing me, the pace is too much to Edmonton’s liking…

  • Tyfighter77

    Great site Quispy.  When I was a kid we used to call McSorley “McSorehead”.  Don’t get little-me wrong though – it was a title bestowed with admiration.

    It would be interesting to see a comparison between VV and DD’s rookie seasons.  This was a great game.

  • Michael Mazzer

    Love the site but question the Comic Sans font.  I refer you to

    • Quisp

      Yes, well. I appreciate your feedback, first of all. The font is without a doubt a questionable element of the site. I like it, obviously.

      it’s not comic sans, though. 

  • m_and_m

     Ignore that imposter, “Michael Mazzer”, he’s just a poser.  This is the real me, m_and_ m