THURSDAY Logjam Report (BONUS: why are the Avs still alive?)

For simplicity, names of log-jammers will include their point-totals.


  • LAK93/SJS92
  • DAL89/NAS
  • CBJ/COL88


  • PHX93/STL

Bonus: How Does Colorado Make the Playoffs?

  • Colorado wins both of its remaining games (CBJ and NAS) in regulation or OT, giving them 92 points.
  • San Jose loses both of its remaining games in regulation, giving them 92 points.
  • Dallas gets at most two points out its last two games (NAS and STL), giving them at most 91 points. (If Dallas got to 92, they would win the tie-breaker with Colorado.)
  • Colorado would win the ROW tie-breaker with the Sharks.
  • In that eventuality, the Kings would take 3rd (having won both games per this scenario), Phoenix would take 7th (since they already have 93 points), Colorado would take 8th, and San Jose and Dallas would both be out.
  • Garrett79

    How great would that be if the Stars and Sharks could both miss the playoffs? Go Kings!!! And go avs =)

  • Heinze57

    Hah! Math can be cruel AND fun at the same time.
    [btw - the "Deep Inside the Kings" site is no more and therefore the links in the "Hive Mind" section don't work, although the redirect to Kings News Daily site is still up and running].

    • DougS

      As someone who likes things that are both cruel and funny, I’m kind of sorry that this scenario is no longer possible.

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