We know who the 8 teams are in the West

The lucky 8 are:

  • VAN (1st or 2nd)
  • STL (1st or 2nd)
  • NAS (4th or 5th)
  • DET (4th, 5th or 6th)
  • CHI (5th or 6th)
  • LAK (3rd, 7th or 8th)
  • PHX (3rd, 7th or 8th)
  • SJS (3rd, 7th or 8th)


  • St. Louis has clinched the tie-breaker against Vancouver. And they’re two points behind the Canucks with a game in hand.
  • If the Blues win both of their remaining games, they are 1st, no matter what the Canucks do.
  • However, the Blues play the Coyotes and Stars, so it’s not inconceivable that they could lose both games and stay in 2nd.
  • Chicago has clinched the season series against Detroit. So, if Chicago beats Detroit in regulation in game 82, both teams would have 101 points and 39 ROWs, and Chicago would prevail in the season-series tie-breaker.
  • Short version: Hawks win in regulation, they’re 5th and Detroit is 6th. Otherwise, the Hawks are 6th, and the Wings are 4th or 5th.
  • The Wings, meanwhile, are a point behind Nashville. They can’t catch the Preds in ROWs, though, so they have to beat Chicago and hope that Nashville loses in regulation in their game against Phoenix.
  • Short version: if Detroit wins (OT or SO are okay), and Nashville loses in regulation, the Wings are 4th and the Preds are 5th. Otherwise, the Preds are 4th, and the Wings are 5th or 6th.
  • As far as Phoenix, San Jose and LA, refer to my earlier post, which explains why Jim Fox was wrong in tonight’s broadcast. Actually, it doesn’t explicitly explain that, because I wrote the post this morning, and the Kings/Sharks game is in progress as I type this. But it’s clear Fox didn’t read my post. (And why would he? We’re a little blog.)
  • Oh, and no matter what happens, the Kings will play a 1st round playoff series against one of VAN, STL, DET or CHI.

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