Boudreau is trying to destroy the Kings

First, we had to listen to Ken Hitchcock say the Kings are the true #1 seed in the West, now this:

LATIMES — Ducks Coach Bruce Boudreau: Kings will win the West

It’s hard to say this, but the most impressive team so far has been the Kings. I’ve said from the beginning of the playoffs, they are as well-rounded a team as there is right now. Darryl [Sutter] does a really good job implementing his system and makes great adjustments during the course of a game. It’s quite a battle when you face them.

[...] Although they are rivals, I like the fact that the Pacific Division is doing so well.  I think we might have the best division in hockey. That’s why the points were down in our division. Nobody had 110 points simply because too many good teams are playing each other.

[...] I still think L.A. will win the West. So I’m out on a limb saying Kings vs. Rangers for the Cup.

It’s mind games. Don’t you believe it. The Kings are still underdogs. They’re only in the second round. They’re playing the best team still playing in the West. Period, end of story.

  • Sam

    He just trying to kill the Kings chances. He is the Ducks coach afterall. He’s setting up for next year.

  • DougS

    Revenge is a dish best served cold? The Kings did pass him over when he had such success coaching Manchester.

  • Dan1863

    Bruce is a good coach and he would have been good for us too I think.  It sucks that he has the smell of Duck on him…but I’ll take a compliment as a compliment.

  • Niesy

    They are sooooo the underdogs. I’ll take him to Haagen Daaz if he promises to stop with this nonsense.

  • Garrett79

    How many current Kings played for Boudreau in Manchester?

    • Quisp

      One: Dustin Brown.

      • Garrett79

         That’s exactly the number I thought.

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