Hey, maybe the refs were still laughing about Rozsival’s dive on the Penner “slash” and that’s why they didn’t call Brown

Just saying. What comes around, etc… And all of that talk about diving — remember that? That was your previous complaint, before the conspiracy complaint. Makes me wonder:

If the league really had it in for you, as you now state, why would the Kings need to dive?

  • m_and_m

    I’ve said it before jokingly … well semi-jokingly … that gee the NHL stands to benefit financially if the Coyotes do well and progress in the playoffs, and the NHL employs the referees and Brendan Shanahan so should I be worried.  Now I’m told that the referees actually pick on Phoenix because they have no owner “to stand up to the league”,  (I might send an email to Tim Leiweke asking him to list all the calls he bought us).

    But seriously, does the league benefit from the Coyotes doing well?  Is there the hint of a perception of a conflict of interest?  And would Gary Bettman get to lift the Stanley Cup if the Coyotes won?

    Curious minds want to know.