My dream of a Flyers Kings finals is dead — DEAD!

And I’m shocked, really. I didn’t think the Flyers would lose to New Jersey. To the Rangers maybe, but not the Devils. I’m happy for Ponikarovsky and Harrold though.

  • DougS

    I didn’t think the Devils would take them, either. But I wouldn’t say I’m shocked. I always doubted that Bryzgalov would be the answer for them, especially at that price.

    My only regret about a possible Kings-Devils Cup Final is that it probably means that the trolls from ILWT are probably going to come over to JFtC again and act like farts. OTOH, it’s gonna be a lot more satisfying when the Kings thrash them.

    • sstephen17

      I think the Capitals, should the Kings go to the Cup Finals (knock on wood), would be the best match-up of the remaining teams.  Rookie goalie and rookie coach and if the Caps go to the Cup Finals, they will have played in at least two series that went 7 games.

  • Niesyjftc

    You did well, Peter!

  • Geoff DeSouza

    I’m still hoping for the Rangers, simply because I think that’s a better matchup for the Kings.  The Rangers are constructed like the Canucks, albeit with a far more boring style of play and a much better goalie.  But the Kings can break them down.

    Also – the road team from the Winter Classic has gone to the finals and lost, what, three of four times?

  • Tyfighter77

    Welcome to the fold, Flyers fans who still want to watch hockey.

  • Tyfighter77

     I made this a couple days ago, but I share it now in honor of our fallen Eastern brothers.
    Ladies and gentlemen… your Philangeles PhiKings!

  • m_and_m

    Philly West, what a concept!  The Flyers with goaltending.