Smith on Brown: “If Raffi Torres gets 25 games then he ought to be out forever” | ProHockeyTalk

If Raffi Torres gets 25 games for his hit during the play then this guy (Brown) ought to be done forever,” Smith said.

via Smith on Brown: “If Raffi Torres gets 25 games then he ought to be out forever” | ProHockeyTalk.

Right, because attempting to decapitate a player who doesn’t have the puck is the same thing has a shoulder check to the puck-carrier’s body. Hey, the ref’s almost cost the Kings the game (see Doughty penalties) but they didn’t.

Brown isn’t going to be suspended “forever.” He’s not going to be suspended at all. Nice try though.

  • Flubber McGee

    Forever seems like a long time.

  • doublepeacesigns

    What a moron. He’ll have some time to practice slashing players from behind with a whole summer off.

    • brianguy

      this is how I imagine Smith for the next 3+ months.  notice, same backswing and everything…

      • USHA#17

        That’s how I’ll imagine him all next season–only with a hockey stick.

  • SCSF

    You know, there’s little that could matter more at this time of conquest than Smith’s opinion.  But it’s really, really nice to know that while it took only 5 games to beat them on the ice in 5 games, we’ll clearly occupy at least some of their wee little minds a little longer yet.

    I posted this elsewhere previously, but if Smith really wants to perfect that slash, he’s got to take lessons from our VP, who was legendary for his temper, even before he started scoring goals….


    • SCSF

      Ow, please ignore that ugly redundancy in that 2nd sentence

      go Kings

    • USHA#17

       Exactly…I hadn’t seen that from a goalie since that season.  Hextal was the worse…Smith is now a close second.

  • USHA#17

    In one way Smith may be right. I feel that Brown’s setup wasn’t much different from what Torres did.  Torres suspension seemed to have more to do with his record then the actual hit…which, as I recall seemed pretty square on. The Brown hit was nowhere near as intense and slightly offset rather then dead on.

  • sstephen17

    Well Smith did take a couple of pucks to the head.  Cut him some slack!