Gagne Plays Tonight!

I guess he’ll play on the fourth line and get some power play time? I don’t think Lombardi or Sutter would use Gagne if it was a risky move. Unlike past Kings teams, this one is operating from a position of strength.

I’m excited to see him play. And happy for him, too.

BREAKING: Simon Gagne In, Brad Richardson Out For Game 3 – Jewels From The Crown

Darryl Sutter had downplayed the possibility repeatedly, but it looks like Simon Gagne’s long wait is over. After missing most of the season due to concussion symptoms, the star left wing will take the ice in the Stanley Cup Final.

First thoughts:

  • He’d been out for months before he began practicing again recently. What’s his conditioning like?
  • He still has a heck of a shot.
  • Where do you think he slots in? Brad Richardson’s fourth line minutes? Power play time? An even bigger role?
  • Whatever happens, I’m rooting for him.

  2 comments for “Gagne Plays Tonight!

  1. GShuchuk99
    June 4, 2012 at 3:40 PM

    I think he’s ready.  I mean he was cleared to start skating on March 3rd.  He’s been cleared for contact for a month, and cleared to play for a week or so.  Plus his beard is in prime playoff condition…

    Any chance we see Richards, carter, and gagne on the ice together in a philly reunion?  In seriousness I think he’s better off on the third line with stoll and putting King on the fourth line.  I can’t see him really providing much of what the 3rd line is about, plus I think he needs a little bit more skill around him to be effective.

    • GShuchuk99
      June 4, 2012 at 3:41 PM

      I meant I cant see him providing 4th line energy, whoops

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