Good Guy News: Terry Murray, Peter Harrold, Ian Laperriere…

Murray: new head coach of the AHL Phantoms.
Harrold: re-signed in Jersey.
Lappy: Named Flyers Director of Player Development.

Congratulations all around.

  • USHA#17

    Great for Ian and Terry.

    I’m not surprised by the Harrold signing. He was one of the more mobile NJ defensemen in the series. Perhaps it was the practice with the Kings as far as pinching that helped. I was taken back when they pulled him.

    Its great to have a reliable and above board trading partner like Philly. Both teams benefit. Worked well for the Kings and I think the Flyers will have a real spark plug with Schenn, That kid is going to everything Cammalleri could have been and more with out the pain in the ass to go along with it.