Kovalchuk’s mom told him not to ask for trade from Devils

After nearly requesting trade, Ilya Kovalchuk leads Cup campaign | Puck Daddy

Kovalchuk thought his luck had changed when he was traded to the New Jersey Devils in 2010. But more of the same followed. […] The criticism and public pressure […] affected Kovalchuk to the point where he almost requested a trade from the Devils. It was recently disclosed by Kovalchuk’s own mother, Lyubov, that Ilya had those thoughts.

She spoke with Sovetsky Sport’s Pavel Lysenkov and said, “It was difficult to work with that coach [John MacLean]. He didn’t really let Ilya play…

“Ilya was taking it very hard. But I kept telling him ‘You need to weather it, son. Prove everything on the ice.’ And then there was such a time when he was ready to ask New Jersey for a trade. He didn’t voice it loud, but that decision was becoming ripe. He told me on the phone: ‘That’s it. I am going to the general manager.’ [And I said] ‘What are you doing, wait! So much was done to get your contract with the Devils approved. And now you will quit?’


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