Memo to 99 Cent Store: if the Kings swept, why would anyone need GAME SEVEN tickets?

In addition to the obvious embarrassment of running the ads in the first place. It occurs to me, though, that there is no “just kidding” clause in consumer law. Shouldn’t they compound their embarrassment by having to sell us something comparable for 99 cents? Otherwise, it’s a classic bait-and-switch. “I know you came here looking for the playoff tickets. But that was a joke. Instead, how about some gum?”

  • Garrett79

    There is a “just kidding” clause in the law though. It is black letter law that if an advertisement is clearly a joke the person putting it out there doesn’t have to make good. Remember that Pepsi Points thing a decade or so ago with the Harrier jet you could supposedly win with 700,000,000 points? Some kid collected all those points and demanded his jet; that defense is how Pepsi got out of giving him a Harrier jet.

    • Flubber McGee

      “Where’s my elephant?! Where’s my elephant?! Where’s my elephant?!”
      – Bart Simpson