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eBay: Gretzky contract (BIN: $250,000)

Gretzky Kings Contract, Trade Agreement Original Signed – Audio of Negotiations | eBay One of a kind package of NHL history. 1. Original signed trade agreement between the Kings and Oilers documenting the “Trade of the Century”, signed by Bruce McNall and Peter Pocklington. 2. Original signed contract with Bruce McNall. Signed by Wayne Gretzky…

Pete Demers drinks 1993 Bud from 2012 Cup

Stanley Cup: Former L.A. Kings trainer drinks from 19-year-old beer saved from last finals appearance – The bottle of unopened Budweiser was delivered to the Los Angeles Kings dressing room the night they lost the 1993 Stanley Cup at the old Montreal Forum. It then travelled back to an office in the Great Western…

Is signing Jarret Stoll a “must-do”?

If you’re comparing Stoll to Loktionov, don’t forget that Loktionov is going to get older and better, while Stoll is going to get older and worse. I don’t think Loktionov is going to have too much trouble scoring 20+ goals a year, once he starts getting a regular shift. Do you want to see him do that on another team?


“I forgot to kiss the thing. I want to get that thing back here somehow. I think everyone else is kissing it. I forgot.” –Willie Mitchell



“These guys, you know what, since March 1st, they’ve lost about six games. They’ve taken a lot of public negativity towards them. Look what they’ve just done. Pretty awesome. Tells you what type of players they are.” – Darryl Sutter



“You look at the big picture now, and I was right on how I thought about what type of players these guys were.” – Darryl Sutter


Bob McKenzie’s Bernier trade rumor

Matthew Barry :: McKenzie: “I Think Tampa Will Trade For Jonathan Bernier”. Well, God said it in a tweet, so there must be SOME sort of speculation, right? Fans are offering Brett Connolly and maybe one of Tampa’s 1st round picks for JB and Muzzin? Or Loktionov (if Stoll is re-signed as expected)? There’s just…

Mirroring, eh?

Right. The defenseman “skates the same route” as a forward, only before the forward actually does it? I think that’s called establishing position. The defenseman is occupying the most valuable real estate: the direct path to the puck. The forward is free to skate around the defenseman and his clever “mirroring.”