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Justin Schultz, free agency and the CBA

The CBA clearly indicates that clubs retain the rights of unsigned collegiate (or college-bound) draft picks, for four years after the year of their selection — ending either (1) August 15th four years after the year of selection, if the player graduates from said college, or (2) June 1 four years after the year of selection, if the player does not graduate.

Kovalchuk’s mom told him not to ask for trade from Devils

After nearly requesting trade, Ilya Kovalchuk leads Cup campaign | Puck Daddy Kovalchuk thought his luck had changed when he was traded to the New Jersey Devils in 2010. But more of the same followed. […] The criticism and public pressure […] affected Kovalchuk to the point where he almost requested a trade from the…

Bob McKenzie: 2012-13 cap ceiling is $70.3MM

I don’t see how McKenzie can say the cap for next season “is” $70.3MM. For one thing, players haven’t voted on whether or not to add the 5% inflator. (I guess I need to check to see if the inflator is even employed in the last season of the current CBA.) Still, interesting potential news.…