Pete Demers drinks 1993 Bud from 2012 Cup

Stanley Cup: Former L.A. Kings trainer drinks from 19-year-old beer saved from last finals appearance –
The bottle of unopened Budweiser was delivered to the Los Angeles Kings dressing room the night they lost the 1993 Stanley Cup at the old Montreal Forum.

It then travelled back to an office in the Great Western Forum, made the move to Staples Center along with the Kings in 1999 and eventually found a resting place on top of a tool box in Pete Demers’ garage. And after 19 years, the former Kings head athletic trainer finally found a reason to drink it.

Out of the Stanley Cup, no less.

“The players poured it down the hatch and on my suit while they chanted ‘Pete! Pete! Pete!”’ Demers said Tuesday, a day after the Kings captured their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. “How about that? And that old rotten beer tasted great.”

A rotten beer? In the Stanley Cup? Only someone tied to an organization as colourful and crazy as this one would even dream about such a celebration.


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