Dinner with Hunter S. Thompson, Doug Gilmour, Josh Hamilton and Stefan Legein?

NHL Beat: interview with Stefan Legein

Stefan Legein […] spent his OHL career with the IceDogs organization (Mississauga and later Niagara). In 2006-07 he had a breakout year in the OHL, putting up 75 points in 64 games to go along with his 115 penalty minutes. He [was] part of the Canadian World Junior squad that eventually won the Gold Medal […]. The 5’8, 200 pound forward was selected 37th overall in the 2007 NHL Draft by the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Much was made of his unexpected, yet brief, retirement [in 2008]. Stefan was later traded to the Flyers and then dealt to the Kings […]. He just signed a 1 year, 2-way deal with the Kings […].

[…] [Question]:: Many people have tagged you as an “agitator.” What […] is key to being successful in that […] role?

Stefan Legein: […] If you look at some of the guys who are the NHL’s most successful agitators, they were all very highly skilled players. [It’s] one thing if a guy is trying to get under my skin, but he can’t play the game — but it drives me nuts when a guy is chirping at me and is […] making amazing plays and helping his team win. […] [Question]: Are you still in touch with the guys from that Canadian World Junior Squad?

Stefan Legein: I am with some of the guys, a lot were from my area so i see them around often, and i also play with Thomas Hickey. […] [Question]: [You] were drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2nd Round of the 2007 NHL Draft [. Were] there ever thoughts [that Columbus] isn’t [a] legitimate hockey market […]?

Stefan Legein: Never. Columbus fans are unbelievable in showing support for that team, I remember the draft was in Columbus and the first round was sold out, and when Voracek got drafted he got a standing ovation from the 15 thousand plus people there, and when I was picked it was as full but there was a huge roar. […] [Question]: [What] led you to a brief retirement from the game?

Stefan Legein: I was just mentally drained, my head wasn’t in it. But that’s the past, so that’s all I will say on that.

[Question]: You just signed a new deal with the [Kings]. Do you feel you’re ready to […] make the NHL jump?

Stefan Legein: […] I’ve been training really hard all summer. It’s going to be tough [since] they have the Stanley cup champion team almost all back, but I’m excited to play and make a name for myself again,  and try and work my way into the NHL.

[…] [Question]: Describe yourself in three words.

Stefan Legein: enthusiastic, hilarious, giving.

[Question]: Three famous people you’d like to go to dinner with.

Stefan Legein:  Josh Hamilton, Hunter S. Thompson, Doug Gilmour.


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